The word is out! The critics love The Black Tape. Here are
some of the rave reviews:

“A complex story with twists and turns that takes found
footage to another level
   - Ain’t It Cool News

   - We Are Indie Horror

“Just Plain Scary”
   - Hacked in the Head

“A gut punch of a twist”
   - House of Tortured Souls

   - Gruesome Magazine

“Two thumbs up. You have to watch it more than once”
   - Gore Hor

“If you are a fan of films like The Purge, The Strangers and
Funny Games, you will love The Black Tape”
   - Movie Collector

“Reminiscent of Scream”
   - Daily Grindhouse

“A cat and mouse experience with an excellent surprise”
   - Cinemalevolence

“Clever and gruesome”
   - UK Horror Scene

“Be on the look out for director Ramone Menon, this guy is
going places”
   - House of Tortured Souls

“A story of blackmail and deceit”
   - Geek Chocolate UK

“The Black Tape shows true potential for first time director
Ramone Menon”
   - Daily Grindhouse

“The Black Tape plays on its victim’s fears with a unique
twist that is brilliantly executed”
   - Thy Demon Be Scribblin’

“It will keep you guessing as to what’s going to happen
   - Horror Hot House

“A fresh and terrifying new horror film filled with suspense
and terror”
   - Movie Reviews 101

“Genuinely sinister and effectively unsettling”
   - Horror Video Vault UK

“Ramone Menon and Phenomenon Cinema are a great stab for the
horror film. I can’t wait to see what they come up with next”
   - The Blood Shed

“New and Unique”
   - Adam the Movie God

“New for this genre”
   - The Movie Waffler

“Super Creepy”
   - Modern Horrors

“Complex, delivers great tension and evokes fear”
   - Video Vortex

“The Black Tape is fantastic”
   - The Horror Word

   - Nightmare 365

“Skillfully ratchets up the tension”
   - Horror News

Hello Los Angeles!

There is a Free Screening of my Midnight Murder Movie at
11:59pm on Friday, Nov. 20th 2015 at the Landmark Regent.
1045 Broxton Avenue. Los Angeles, CA.

Be there if you dare!

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An Award Winning Murder Film!

The Black Tape Was Recently Named The Best Crime Film At
The POLLYGRIND Film Festival


Hello Las Vegas!
Do You Want to See a Murder?
The Black Tape is an Official Selection at the
PollyGrind Film Festival 2014 in Las Vegas.
Come join in the fun for Hustle, Fight, Grind and Murder
from Oct. 16th to Oct. 18th 2014.

For more information go to: www.pollygrind.com

Hello Los Angeles!
Do you want to see a home made murder film? Come watch
The Black Tape at the LA Indie Film Festival in Los Angeles.

The screening is on:
March 16th 2014, 8:00 p.m. at Let Live Theatre
916 N. Formosa Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90046

For tickets and more information go to:

Have you seen me? Come watch my home made murder film
The Black Tape at the Gasparilla International Film Festival
2014 in Tampa, Florida.

Screenings are on:
March 20th 2014, 11:10 p.m. at CineBistro Hyde Park
1609 Swann Avenue Tampa,
Florida 33606

March 22nd 2014, 10:35 p.m. at Muvico Centro Ybor
1600 East 8th Avenue
Tampa, Florida 33605

For tickets and more information go to:-